Arctic 2020

The winter of 2019/2020 we would like to stay in Norway. That gives us opportunity to sail to Kirkenes in wintertime and visit Murmansk.  The all winter Arctic  is worth to see.

The point of 2020 year is for us Greenland. Sailing via Svalbard, Jan Mayen  and Iceland, we would like to visit Kulusuk Tallisaq, andstart to sail north. We would like to sail to the biggest world National Part with the simply Greenlandic name:  Kalaallit Nunaanni nuna eqqissisimatitaq;-) Join Us and sail Arctic with us.

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Right now we are planning our sailing trip for 2020 year.  Where you can sail with us?

We start in North Norway  to Svalbard, Jan Mayen, along east Greeland. Due the fact we will fly to Greenland change the crew  the  tickets we are organizing right now;-)

More details?

Aurora Borealis
Lofoten and Whales
Nordkapp, Finmark and Escapade to Murmansk
Sail & Ski, Salbard
Jan Mayen & Iceland
Greenland and Scotland
Dataliczba dniTrasa
NOV Senja i Lofoty
Dec/ JAN 4 dni na wieloryba
March Sail to Murmańsk in wintertime
April Tromso, Lyngen Alps, Sail & Ski
May Svalbard, Sail & Ski
Pn, 1 VI 2011Svalbard
Pt, 12 VI 2021Svalbard- Jan Mayen- Islandia
Pt, 3 VII 207Islandia- Westfjords
Pt, 10 VII 207Westfjords- Reykjavik/ Westfjords
Pt, 17 VII 2010Reykjavik/ Westfjords- Grenlandia
Pn, 27 VII 2010Kulusuk- Kulusuk
Cz, 6 VIII 2014Kulusuk- Ittqortomitt
Cz, 20 VIII 2014Ittq-Ittq
Cz, 3 IX 2017Ittq- Kalaallit Nunaanni nuna eqqissisimatitaq- Iceland
N, 20 IX 207Iceland
N, 27 IX 2021Iceland- Scotland
N, 18 X 2010Scotland- Polska


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